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Commercial + Branding

In 2013, Daniel co-founded Kings Road Media, a commercial video production company. Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana with a sister branch in Düsseldorf, Germany, it focuses on branded content and short-form commercial production. You can view more samples at

Evryman: "Work"

Evryman was founded in 2017 and offers men's group work. In their words: "We connect men more deeply to their loved ones, their life’s work, and themselves. The results are bigger than you could imagine." In this spot, the message to communicate was simple: without working with our emotions like we do with our minds and bodies, we are incomplete. 

FICO: "CCS for Collections"

FICO is one of the most influential analytic tech companies in the world. They consistently conduct research and pioneer new solutions for the challenges of the financial industry. FICO hired Daniel and Kings Road Media to present their data findings for a new product and to make it as dynamic as possible.

Colliers International: "Story of a Deal"

Story of a Deal is a short documentary film about how Colliers International sold the massive METRO Group Headquarters in 2014, one of the biggest real estate deals in Düsseldorf, Germany. It’s an unorthodox and rare “behind-the- scenes” look at some of the most powerful and established forces in German real estate. This film has proven successful in attracting new clientele, helping to establish Colliers as the country’s leading sale-and- lease-back realtor.

SwagIQ Product Launch

SwagIQ wanted an ongoing sales tool that their team could use to introduce their Salesforce app to potential clients. With an innovative product, they needed Daniel and Kings Road Media to create a simple and clear communication of how it works and the value it brings. 

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