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Documentary Shorts

Bring Them Home (2017)

An intimate look at the only indigenous tribal-led buffalo drive in North America, Bring Them Home follows members of the Blackfeet Nation as they experience the power of the American bison while driving their herd through rough terrain and hostile weather to their winter pasture -- a rare ritual of stewardship that brings hope for a modern-day cultural rebirth. This film was shot simultaneously with Daniel’s short fiction film, Iniskim, and will be broadcast on Montana PBS in October 2019.

Our Last Refuge (2016)

Our Last Refuge tells the story of the Badger-Two Medicine, the sacred homeland of the Blackfeet Nation of Montana, and the decades-long struggle to protect it from oil and gas exploration. The film features voices from all sides of the struggle - Blackfeet elders, local conservationists, and even the law firm pushing for oil exploration. All together, they chronicle the epic saga of this unique landscape, stretching back millennia, and the current legal challenge, the outcome of which could determine the fate of sensitive and sacred lands nationwide.


This film was used successfully in a campaign to cancel the disputed oil and gas leases.

Dignity (2015)

Is it possible to die a conscious death? That is the mission of The Palliative Care Network of northern Germany, who commissioned Daniel's commercial production company Kings Road Media to create a short film about their holistic approach to working with death and the dying.

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